INVITED REVIEW: It’s natural ingredients from Natural Kitchen

How convenient it is if you don’t have to worry about on what to cook for you to bring at work for the next day? Or you reached home from work and no energy to do the cooking anymore. With a phone call away you’ll get a nutritious and healthy meal delivered right to your doorsteps!

Oh but this is for Abu Dhabians only fellas. Natural Kitchen is located in Marina Square in Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. A company that has started since 2014 and prepares fresh food daily with natural ingredients. You order it and then they make it for you. Nothing will be kept for the next day.

As a matter of fact, there are several companies who are into this concept nowadays. They can understand the busy life here in UAE especially if you’re talking about a working mother. This is definitely a healthy helpful solution!


Talking about Natural Kitchen, they have variety of menu from Mexican to Japanese cuisine and even detox juices. I’m a fan of Mexican food so I chose to get my favourite Burrito Rice Bowl in Beef and Chicken. The ingredients on these are almost similar to each other except for the lime on beef flavour. How do you eat your Burrito Rice Bowl? Do you mix it first? Well me, I dig on each toppings on the sides which will give me a different flavour from the other toppings. Both are craving satisfying. The flavour is sealed within the package so once you open it, it’s bursting with a great scent. For me a bowl of this is good for 2 people.


Next is, one of the Hot Wraps! I opted for Steak & Cheese. It’s a combination of Bbq steak with crunchy sweet peppers, jalapenos, cheddar cheese and worcestershire sauce. So I sliced this into halves and my first few bites it tasted sweet. But as I was reaching the end part of it, it was getting spicy. It’s perfectly wrap with wheat tortilla wrapper and rolled nicely that makes the filling intact to each other.


One of the Hot Pots that I got was the famous favourite snack of all-time, Nachos and Guacamole. Well it’s great with Salsa also. Crunchy and crispy chips with the delicious guacamole made of Avocado.


Let’s not forget about the drinks! We’re talking about being healthy here so let’s combine the meal with detox juices. They call it Juices & Smoothies. They got several flavours of this and I was able to try the Celebrity Skin, Fat Burner and Iron Man. I was under the impression that maybe I’ll not like some of it. Because I’ve tried detox juices before and oh boy! not all tasted good to be honest. But with what I’ve got they passed and ranking them 3, 1, 2 respectively. And I guess as how they named it that’s what how it should work for you. What’d you think?

Well, that’s my wonderful experience ordering food from Natural Kitchen. Sushi lovers? They have your favourites too and it’s on the best affordable price as far as I know. Check out their menu.

Additional comments:

Packaging is great! You can even reuse them later. No spills or distorted items. Table napkins are recycled one if I’m not mistaken and it’s fantastic.

You can see them socially on Facebook and Instagram. There are several ways to make your order. Order online or call 02 666 5995 or via Zomato ok? Yallah bye!

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