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It was weekend so we did another iftar outside via an invitation from Centro Barsha. Iftar is celebrated in C. Taste located in the lobby of the hotel. The hotel is pretty much close to the Mall of Emirates and just across the mosque. It’s very convenient for this month of Ramadan for their guests to go for prayers instead of a praying room.


Behind the hotel there’s a paid parking but since it was Friday, it’s FREE! So that’s where we conveniently parked. We came earlier this time so I can take better snaps and coverage of the iftar on insta stories.


Near the entrance of the restaurant, the qahwah and dried fruits (including dates) stations are there. Tables are well prepared with a traditional Ramadan lantern on it. There’s an outside seating as well wherein the buffet table for bread and soup are placed and behind it was a LED TV.



While going around I met Mr. Sami, the Asst. Manager who also helped around in the restaurant just like the other staffs and greeting guests. There were fine selections of cold & hot mezze, salad, main course and dessert. The Ramadan beverages were on the front part of the restaurant and some soft beverages just opposite the main course buffet area.


They got Shawarma and Lamb Ouzi stations which were finishing fast! Same goes with other dishes which is so fascinating! I wanted to highlight few of them which has indeed left an irresistible taste to my tastebuds i.e. Lamb Ouzi that has a fragrant scent and you can determine the cinnamon out of it, it has a flavourful taste and the meat is really tender. It’s the best ouzi we’ve tried so far; Fattoush has an incredible dressing. Although it doesn’t have the fried kubus to give some crispy texture, the dressing alone gave justice to it; I’ve tasted for the first time this Lamb Shakriya and it was great! You will agree with me that flavour is not the only important factor to the food but the tenderness of the meat as well right? Would you enjoy chewing meat like a bubble gum? Anyway, this is superb because the meat is soft like cotton. Um Ali is my favourite arabic dessert. This was done perfect not too milky and not too sweet.


Kudos to the team! Especially to head chef, Chef Hamza whom I came to know just joined very recently. Guests have enjoyed their meal for sure and it was a busy night! Thanks to Jasmine too who invited us which I finally met during that night.



Haven’t that made you think to reserve? Click here and enjoy iftar with your family and friends. There’s 20% off for 10 adults or more and kids below 12 yrs old is FREE which normally starts from below 6 yrs. What else? Wifi is also FREE to make you stay connected.

See you on our next iftar adventure!

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