INVITED REVIEW: Iftar in Kris in a View

It was the 8th day of Ramadan when this time we went to Park Regis Hotel for the iftar in Kris with a View since it was weekend. I made sure that we arrived early because I don’t want to mix social snapping with the meal itself when it’s iftar time already.


Funny, when we reached 19th floor, they were actually still close because it was still time for preparation. I burged in like somewhat gate crashing 🙂

Anyhow, they let me in and the reception area itself was having a stunning set-up. If we usually see small camels on our previous iftar hotel hopping, this time it was almost the real size of it. Well that’s how spacious the restaurant is.


The dates with qahwah and tea are also is in the same area with the Henna station. Another sofa set was there that serves as a waiting area.


Inside, the buffet was spreaded almost the entire restaurant. A projector is played in one corner on a small screen that’s where you will see the start of Maghrib which means time to break your fast also.

The Ramadan beverages and some other dried fruits were closed to the entrance including the salad, cold mezze and some pickles.


On the bar, you will not find any beverages but desserts! An array of arabic and asian desserts with sliced fruits as well.


Now let me tell you, that the menu is a mixed of Arabic and Pan-Asian cuisines separated from each other to help you distinguish it. Variety of selections to choose from.


The traditional lamb ouzi is placed nearby the pan-asian area along with the soup station. You’ll get the kind of food that varies from your taste.


There were guests who came as a group and mostly families. Staffs were all busy attending each tables. And a child like Hamza kept on running around and teasing us.

We spent another splendid iftar in a 5 star hotel with a breathtaking panoramic view while dining. People can stay connected as well with free wifi. Just ask the reception for the passcode. Valet parking is also free.


So go ahead and click here to know the price and make a reservation by calling 04 377 1111. Oh! Did I tell you that there’s a Henna artist waiting for you? I thought so in the beginning. It’s free as well. I did mine after my meal and I was lucky to be the first one and no queue.




  1. Totally awesome experience on a wonderful evening..Enjoy. I liked the Henna Concept. It looks good on you even though you call it as a mess.


  2. Have to thank you, because of you I am getting ides that how to enjoy in use.
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