INVITED REVIEW: Celebrate iftar with your family & friends here

We mostly spend iftar at home with a simple food preparations and if you could noticed too fried items are always present, for some handy and quick serving while waiting for Maghrib.

When an invite is received an expectation of feast and a lavish iftar is there. This time around we were in C. Taste in Centro Sharjah. They are in the proximity area of the international airport.


We arrived around 40 mins earlier to take some few coverage over my Instastories and snaps to share with you all. C. Taste in Centro Sharjah is indeed expansive and can accommodate huge number of guests. And it was jam packed that night.

Staffs were slowly ushering guests to their reserved tables and I was like left awed with some of their food set-ups. On the entrance, there were 2 stations for dates and qahwah (arabic coffee). Ramadan beverages are also on this area on which a LED TV is hanged on top playing the channel wherein once the canon makes a shot that symbolises the time you can break your fasting followed by Azan (Maghrib).


The main course is where the live cooking station is for Shawarma and Grill that is located on the center of the restaurant. Amazingly you won’t smell any smoke. As the time is getting closer for iftar, people are slowly gathering their foods to be placed on their table to get ready. Anyhow, not all should do this, dates and water which are the main factors for breaking your fasting are available on your table already.


Food was great! Chefs were busy refilling and staffs were making sure to clean the table to make enough space for you. Hamza got a special treatment from one of the staffs wherein he specially brought fries and nuggets for him. He knows very well kids’ kind of food 🙂



Aside from the Ramadan beverages, there are soft beverages available on one counter on the center part of the dining area. It was a lovely evening and another busy night for them. Surely guests had a great iftar and you could have it for AED109 per head. What’s awesome is that you get 20% discount for group of 10 adults. Make a reservation today via calling 06 508 8000 or simply click here!


Ramadan is just few days away and we are on the last 10 days wherein muslims are more observant on these days because of Laylat al Qadr. EID AL FITR will be on it’s way too. One of the 2 occasions being recognized in Islam. And I believe it’s a 5-day holiday! Yahoo!

Until our next iftar story! Yallah bye!

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  1. It is really a nice gesture that Hamza as a kid was given special attention. Cute picture of Hamza. Loved the review.


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