INVITED REVIEW: A well spent iftar inside Al Mudheef Ballroom

What do you expect on how iftar will be in a 5 star hotel? Massive? Elegant? Lavish? These would pop up into our minds right? Last Wednesday we were in Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa for iftar. It was held in Al Mudheef Ballroom on the ground floor. And yes! It didn’t fail to amuse us.


It was our first time to attend iftar in a ballroom so I can’t help myself to share with you all on how I was mesmerized with the buffet set-up. I might sound like stupid or desi type however I’m just only sharing my experience here.

The buffet starts once you enter the reception area of the ballroom. The table for Ramadan beverages with lots of small glasses are there. Once you turned on your left the buffet for Main Course are placed. It’s a combination of 2 International cuisine, followed by several Arabic cuisine, 2 Emirati cuisine and 2 Indian cuisine. I’ve opened all of them and they are just really waiting for people to dig in.


Continuing straight down the hallway, the Soup and Bread stations are on your left and on the right side are the Salad and Cold Mezze stations. If you go further more straight from there, outside is where the Grill and Shawarma stations are. It’s smoky and hot!


Going back inside, you’ll reach the ballroom itself afterwards. This is the dining area and only the extensive desserts are on the center of the ballroom and making a big attraction to all guests!

A screen projector is played on a wall and that’s where you will know when it’s time to break your fast. In between, I bumped to Chef Mohamed, who was kind enough to find a time to give me a short tour even though it was a busy time for him.

The Lamb Ouzi and Grill stations made a long queue! There were guests who came in as a group as family and from work. The dishes and especially desserts were so picturesque that guests will take time taking photos and can’t resist to share this to everyone.


We are sure that you will love having iftar here as well. Check it out for yourself! It’s  AED129 per head and you can make a reservation by emailing

**Parking available either for valet or just in front of the hotel. Wifi is free just ask for the passcode. And yeah, aside from the Ramadan beverages, you can order 7up or Pepsi else it will be extra charge.



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