INVITED REVIEW: The Experience Spa in Ramada Beach Hotel, Ajman

Weekend relaxation was spent that morning in Ramada Beach Hotel in Ajman during Ramadan for a Thai Aroma therapy💆‍♀️ (AED159 as Ramadan promotion, 1hr). The Experience Spa is in the first floor by the stairs from the lobby. Same level where the Health Club is i.e. Indoor Swimming Pool🏊‍♂️, Steam & Sauna and Gym🏋️‍♂️.

The spa has an aromatic scent all over the place with a wooden flooring. All rooms and even toilets have names of flowers such as Iris, which is the waiting/lounge area and where my session was done was named Lavender. Interestingly unique!


As shown on the image above, this is what you’ll be looking at once you’re on the face down position🏵🏵🏵

Inside the room itself, is where the changing area is as well and hangers are behind the door. A safe deposit box is also available just in case you have important belongings with you.

My therapist was Rose (a flower name also) from Thailand who has performed the therapy quite different from others. A strawberry oil was used for massage and it was my first time to hear it being used on this. Well it didn’t matter to me since it’s fragrant. Rose, started massaging on my back wherein I used to get my legs done first. I have done the same one from somewhere else and she didn’t only give me a relaxing massage but some stretching as well where my bones were giving a crispy cracks👍.


On the process massage may be relaxing but surely the next day the pain will be there😁. Because the radicals from the muscles have been released. Have some panadol at least.

It was an unforgettable experience though because of the stretching part😄 at the end. I was thinking during that time if I’ll get my neck twisted like how I’ve seen on TV. Thank God No!!! Rose was careful to be fair enough and a good masseur.

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