SYOSS SalonPlex: New products to discover for your hair

Ultimate repair: the professional hair care innovation for at home

Promising stronger, healthier-looking hair that really shines, SYOSS offers salon-perfect results every day. Now the hair cosmetics brand is bringing salons’ Plex technology into the home. The revolutionary SALONPLEX repair system includes a SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER, the innovative triple action repairs and replenishes the inner and outer structure of the hair, while sealing in enhancing ingredients. Metal ions and organic acids help to bridge broken hair fiber bonds – resulting in repaired hair and the best possible protection against future damage.

SYOSS SALONPLEX is available in stores since June 2017.

The wrong care, chemical treatments, and constant hot blow-drying or flat ironing can damage the hair over time. The results are clear to see: damaged hair looks dry and dull and is prone to breakage and split ends. A revolutionary repair system from SYOSS will now help to reduce hair breakage and make the hair look healthy again. The new SALONPLEX hair care range ensures that the hair is protected against chemical or mechanical stressors for salon-perfect results.

SYOSS powerful formula with professional SALONPLEX technology repairs damaged hair fiber bonds and replenishes the inner structure of the hair. In addition, SALONPLEX seals enhancing ingredients into the innermost layer of the hair for long-lasting results.

Used after gently cleansing with the SYOSS SALONPLEX shampoo, the conditioner will leave hair up to three times more manageable.

The SYOSS SALONPLEX range at a glance:

SYOSS SALONPLEX Shampoo, 500 ml

Repairs millions of damaged hair fiber bonds every day*. The ultimate repair for your hair.

SYOSS SALONPLEX Conditioner, 500 ml

Makes the hair three times more manageable**.


My own verdict? I love these products! Perfect result when both are used. Both have beautiful scent that lasts longer on your hair. My hair was so manageable that it swifts smoothly through my fingers and you can just simply do any strokes. Because of that it helped to lessen my hairfall and tangling hair. (But this is not for hairfall solution)

With all the aspects mentioned above, it is definitely useful for summer when our hair is exposed to extreme high temperature. It will keep it healthy and protected!



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