INVITED REVIEW: You can dine and swim!

Yes it’s summer time! But not the ideal time to be under the sun here in UAE. Sun is soaring high and the sun rays are painful to the skin. Oh well, but when we talk about brunch, this doesn’t matter since it’s back to indoors.


We had our brunch last Friday in Ajman. We tried the King’s Grill restaurant in Ramada Beach Hotel. Why there? You have guessed it right! We wanted to try the beach after the brunch. Insane isn’t it after my intro? Haha!


King’s Grill has a simple yet scrumptious buffet and the food is fantastic! Just like the saying, don’t judge the book by it’s cover.

The salad bar is very eye catching. It’s colorful and a lot to choose from, from salad to cold mezze. I’ve tried few of them and I can say it was freshly prepared. Soup and bread stations were beside the salad bar. Soup was kept hot and tasty. I enjoyed this too.


Now for the main course, you’ll get some International, Indian and Arabic cuisines. We love almost everything for the main course. Especially the grilled items. There were Beef Tikka, Shish Taouk, Lamb Kebab, Fish Tikka and Chicken Reshmi Kebab.

Dessert and fruits were on a separate table. You will still get spoiled with the variety of selections they have. The restaurant or rather the hotel itself is on the opposite side of the beach. So from where you’ll be dining, you’ll get a view of it.


Enjoy your brunch in King’s Grill for AED75/person from 12.30pm-3.30pm. (Beverage will be water, other kinds of drinks will be extra charge) Kids below 6 yrs old will be free. Call 06 742 9999 to make a reservation.

And so yah after we indulged into our dessert, we crossed the road and went to the beach. There’s a separate partition/entrance you may say for the guests or even walk-in for Ramada Beach Hotel. This is free for the guests and only AED50 for walk-in customers that includes 1 burger and 1 soft drinks already. Awesome right?


It was like 2pm when he hit the beach! Can you imagine how hot it was? There were lifeguards around,  a beverage counter, souvenir shop, an open massage area, and the towel counter which is a reception too.


Surely can’t escape the sun. We covered ourselves with sunblock although we were just spending some time under the covered bench. A hot weekend we had but with fun!

King's Grill - Ramada Beach Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. Great place to dine, affordable too…. Thank you very much for this lovely review, hope we will get there soon. Beging hydrate we need lots of fruits and vegetables, for this that salad table is example. Very true eye catching verities…. Thank you once again.


  2. Sun is soaring high and the sun rays are painful to the skin.
    Well said.
    All dishes are mouth watering.
    Grill items are my favorite.
    Hope we will visit soon.


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