Do you have a child who doesn’t drink medicines like mine?

It’s been several months past now since Hamza started taking vitamin supplement called Yaya vitamins. He was over 2 yrs old when I decided to give him this. Why?

He’s very active kid and I feel that the food nutrition that he’s taking is not enough from his daily diet and with the food routine he has. And at his age it’s just the right age for a child to take it.


Hamza is one of those kids who doesn’t take medicines easily. It’s a nightmare for me whenever he gets sick. So same goes with vitamins. I kept on thinking on how can I let him drink vitamins.

Since I was active in social media, I got acquainted with Yaya vitamins from Facebook. With the external appearance (gummies like candies) of this vitamins, it gave me hope! Yaya vitamins has different designs on each kinds. It’s a product that is gelatin-free, gluten-free and no preservatives added.


I told hubby to get one bottle to try and when he reached the pharmacy he sent me photos via whatsapp. I forgot that Yaya vitamins have different kinds. There’s Multi + Minerals, Vita C, Omega 3 (has a trace of fish smell which Hamza minded at first but eventually he ate them too), Calcium and Multi. I chose Multi (fruity flavors in gummy bears shapes coated with sugar) at that time and it has a toy wrapped around it. A toy watch that has dancing lights in different motions.


I gave him one to try and it was a success. However this didn’t last. After a few days he’s throwing it out after some time and not really eating it. So I wonder what to do again. Then, I said let’s try the Multi + Minerals  one with gummy slices of fruits shapes. I still got the same result.


I got tired forcing him to take it. Until one fine day, I just left the bottles on the table. I caught him opening the bottle by himself and eating! He had several of them on that day but the recommended one is to have only 1 for his age daily upto 4 yrs old.

Children above 4 yrs old can also take this even adults.  Have 2 of it daily. And so yes we’re sticking with Yaya Vitamins that has 60 yummy gummies inside and 1 bottle is good enough for 2 months. It costs AED60 from the pharmacy where we buy it. And we do receive sometimes from Tish Tash, a marketing agency.

Let me know your tips and tricks for medicine though mommies. May Allah forbid but I really don’t know what to do whenever he falls sick.



  1. Happy hear about your review…. That is breath taking.. Yes you are correct, they won’t get all the nutrients from food. This is the best way ….


  2. Thankfully my son eats medicines as and when required, but I have a bigger tension – he doesn’t eat food 🤣🤣


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