INVITED REVIEW: First time to go without hubby!

Summer is fun! Although it’s super dooper hot in UAE, we still get to have fun because of the prepared indoor activities and summer sales/promotions for all. Hotels are one of these!

We had a fantastic staycation in Centro Sharjah 3 weeks ago. It was my first time to go with a friend with our son. Although it’s not our first time to be in this place, I used a navigational map to reach since I’m in-charge of driving this time. I don’t use special device for GPS. Either I use an offline map (pre-downloaded one) from Google or an offline map app. Works perfectly!


Summer really melts you in one flick of a finger. Once we stepped right out of the car, we were sweating right away. I parked the car conveniently in the visitor car parking area and we walked our way to the reception. But of course there’s a valet parking.

It was not quite busy when we reached and Ms. Kihn was there to assist me for checking-in. My friend, Rosalie and Hamza were on lounge area waiting. I handed over our Emirates ID (for residents in UAE) and by mentioning my name she was able to see the reservation. It was pretty quick and we headed to our room from there.

We were given the upgraded Studio Suite. A unit which has the view of the airport from the room and living room. Since it’s an upgraded studio, the room is separated from the living room and it’s very spacious. Knowing that Centro Sharjah only holds 3 stars this is to be considered a luxurious stay.

The sofa set is wide and very comfy to relax while enjoying your favorite show or movie. The kitchen is semi-equipped together with the complimentary tea/coffee facility.


The room itself is very cozy! A queen size bed with super soft pillows, blanket and mattress are well kept. The wardrobe area may not have a spacious area but was done in a way to accommodate your belongings. The bathroom is right beside the bed. It’s with a walk-in  shower and some toiletries.


I’ve seen the qibla (direction for praying for muslims) on the ceiling across the lamp shade beside the bed. The writing desk table was facing the window and that’s where I seated for some brainstorming for a campaign while our son kept the TV on and hold the channel on the hotel’s fire safety. He just wanted this part and if you change it for a proper channel he will explode!

It was afternoon and we were looking for some snacks. We called C. DELI for a club sandwich while I was making coffee. The extra bed also came with a blanket at the same time.

Dinner time came and we went down to C. Taste for it. We brought our stuffs also for swimming because we (excluding me actually haha!) planned to take a plunge after eating. We got happy tummies that night. Staffs served us very well and Hamza was specially looked after by them. Food as usual was great and the Chicken Tandoori I can say was the highlight for the night. Amazingly so full of flavour and tender.


And so, as planned, we went to the pool after dinner. Hamza was jumping and so excited to see the pool after a long break on this. He’s now more confident inside the pool unlike before. He can’t swim though.


The area where he was playing was the jacuzzi which was off during that time. So yah it’s an uncovered pool with jacuzzi and the towels are available on the lifeguards’ station. The sauna is available in the changing rooms with lockers and there’s a back exit door that goes directly to the pool.


The gym is open 24hrs and there’s a drinking water station for everyone. There’s also a gift shop to drop by  and for people who will be taking their flights from there can surely find valuable things and don’t worry about the weight of your luggage. There’s a weighing scale beside the reception.



The new service available in Centro Sharjah right now is the Chauffeur Service. You don’t have to worry about transportation for your plans of going around inside or outside the emirate. It’s in the lobby level nearby the C. Deli.

There’s one thing that happened after the pool. I didn’t change Hamza’s clothes anymore I just wrapped him tightly with the towel and rushed back up in our room. Unfortunately, the card key was not working for how many times I tried. I was so worried about him getting cold and I can’t do anything but to go down again to check with the reception. I found out that putting the card key where your mobile is or just by keeping your mobile nearby it, it can deactivate the card. So it was a lesson learnt.

Hamza didn’t have a nap in the afternoon so he was fast asleep that night. After another coffee session while chatting with my friend, we decided to call it a day and slept.

We woke up early the next day to take our breakfast back to C. Taste. They have prepared a healthy buffet with a live cooking station for egg lovers.

It was a fun-filled staycation with some bonding moments with a friend. The 48hr summer promotion will be suddenly showing up just like few days back so better follow their social media! Ie. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Keep an eye on my social media too on how to win a staycation from them! K? Yallah bye!



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