You think you can’t cook? They can make it possible for you!

It’s been raging on Instagram and Facebook about this company called Hello Chef. A company that delivers weekly awesome recipes with fresh and complete ingredients. How I ended up with them?

Well, I was thinking what to cook and with my recent job I find it hard to manage the time for this everyday. Since this is a weekly planned meals it will be absolutely a brilliant idea.

I surfed their website with enthusiasm and found out that they have 3 categories. That is Low Carb, Family and Veggie boxes. I was interested with Family Box of course and so I clicked on that. (Order here!)


The price depends on how many people will be served and it includes 4 recipes for the entire week. And oh by the way delivery is only available in Dubai for free and in Abu Dhabi with extra AED15 delivery charge. There is also cut-off time because delivery can be done on Sundays and Saturdays only.

So, I filled up the form and used my office address in Dubai for the delivery. It was very prompt and precise with the transaction. Payment is done online via credit or debit card. This plan  also comes with no commitment or you can skip the next week or just cancel anytime by logging in to your account before Thursday noon.

Transcorp is the company that delivers this to your doorsteps. Boxes are kept in their chilled storage to keep them cool and fresh and safe from getting spoiled. I got my box on my requested timing and so they are very diligent.

That night on the same day, I started with the Beef Sliders with oven baked fries and homemade salsa. I followed the instructions carefully and had done it in for about more than 45 mins. I must tell you that we felt like we had a Mc Donald’s treat that night. The patties that came from New Zealand and the pickle gherkins were similar to the taste from McDonald’s! Matching it with baked fries? Makes it really like a McDonald’s meal!


The second recipe was the Baked hammour with yellow cashew nuts and lemon rice. This is absolutely a fantastic meal either for lunch or dinner. I never knew that baked hammour is way more better than frying it! Take note, I used our oven toaster because we simply don’t have oven 🙂 preheated for 5 mins and cooked for 5 mins on each sides.


The rice I cooked it in a pulao way. I made the masala (as per ingredients in the recipe) and then the rice and put cloth under the cover. With the half-cooked string beans, this meal is a healthy one.

Third recipe that I did was the California Style Tortillas. This is way too easy to prepare for a light meal. Having the spiced quinoa on the side makes it so perfect!


The last recipe, I ended up cooking it over the weekend. I was excited to make this one because our son loves pasta. I’m sure he’ll love it. The 4th recipe is called Baked conchiglie pasta with roasted pumpkin and sage. Such a healthy vegetarian recipe I may say!


Their recipe cards comes with cooking order to maintain the maximum freshness. You’ll see it on the sticker on each bags. Also, some tips can be found at the bottom. We did have a totally different meals for the entire week and absolutely very quick and easy to follow cooking instructions even when you’re not familiar with the recipes.


And oh yeah, I don’t want to missed telling you also that if you refer a friend, both of you get AED100 off on your first order! Get started here.

To be updated on what’s in the box for the coming week, follow them socially on Facebook and Instagram. Check their website here to know and learn more about them.


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