Unexpected disease, what would you do?

One of the prayers we always say as mothers is for our child/children to be healthy and safe from any harm. That’s why when they fall sick it really breaks our heart to see them suffering from pain.

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Last 2 weeks was a tough one for me and it was a new experience that I have been through as a mother. Hamza was diagnosed with Foot, Hand and Mouth disease.

It was a shocking news on a Sunday morning. I even sent him to the nursery that day but even before sending him, I have checked his mouth already (because he was complaining of it the day before that) and thinking it was just a mouth ulcer near the throat. So I’ve decided to show him to his pediatrician after school. However, not even 1hr past, the nursery called and it was the nurse.

She explained to me in details on what she has observed on Hamza and she suspected it was a Foot, Hand and Mouth disease according to the symptoms. There were rashes formed on his sole on both feet, same with his hands and with the mouth ulcer. No fever accompanied that day but the day before that he had. It was on and off.

And yes as confirmed by Dr. Sana in Sunny Medical, it was indeed Foot, Hand and Mouth disease. She has given me precautions like the rashes will become more  and body pain will be there. Have to avoid giving any hot and spicy food. Because he won’t be able to eat solid food so must give more of liquids and must be cold ones. Do not give bath with soap directly to his body and you can give a bubble bath type instead.

She has prescribed medicines which for me is to help the child to overcome the pain. It’s not really to heal it. So basically it will heal by itself. However, the best advice that I got from her was to take a bath with the boiled Neem leaves. This will make the rashes go naturally.


I gave him bath with boiled neem leaves the next day and continuously for a week. And result was fascinating! The rashes formation were controlled. They didn’t grow in numbers as expected and went off really fast in a week. I was actually told I will be like literally in hell for 2 weeks at least. Alhamdullillah! That didn’t happen.

There were slightly sleepless nights because he feels more irritated at night. The ointment cream for rashes gave relief though. That was for 2 days when he was not able to eat properly so I used the spray for his throat. I have tried it before giving and it was sort of anesthesia. It numbs for awhile so the child can eat. In between, he had fever but disappeared fast. So I didn’t really stop giving him bath. Because I believe only because of it that’s why he healed quickly.

After a week, I sent him back to Dr. Sana for a follow-up check-up. She was convinced that he totally recovered and rashes has dried up. She didn’t even give the repair cream that she was talking about earlier. Because it’s not needed anymore. I requested for a health fitness for him to show to the nursery so he can go back. It was required by them too for safety precautions.

Have you ever been into a difficult situation? When it’s about your child? What were your thoughts and feelings?

Praise Allah (SWT) for his quick recovery!




  1. May Allah protect your child, you and your family from all difficulties dear! Ameen! It is really heartbreaking to see a little kid suffer.. once my nephew suffered from malaria.. and those five days in the hospital were the most terrible and painful for him.! May Allah protect these little kids from all troubles. Ameen!


  2. Oh yes my daughter had that too last year. She was quiet on Eid day and then realised she had the disease the next day. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad and she bounced back quite quickly. It is hard seeing them go through that.


  3. Prayers and good wishes to your little one….All the days are not the same….those bundle up these are one such rough days…I know how it is when the kids suffer…be patient and pray harder…


  4. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. I wasn’t even aware of the disease & now that I do I can recognise the symptons if I ever know of anyone going through it. God has made mothers out of something else, they have strength others don’t have and we are lucky to have them.



  5. Salamaat to your son! May Allah grant him shifa. Ameen. I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have a sick baby. I hope he heals soon.


  6. May Allah protect your child and your family. It is indeed heartbreaking to see little kids go through so much. Never knew this disease is called hand, foot and mouth disease but yes seen people suffering from it. Prayers for your little one ❤


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