Two of the star products of Palmer’s that will be your rescuer this winter

It’s the festive season again and although we don’t celebrate this, we are poured also with some presents and gifts along the way. This is part of the spirit of giving. Yehey!

This month of December, Palmer’s has sent a very fantastic and two of their star products i.e. the Cocoa Butter Formula’s Softens Smoothes and Moisturizing Body Oil. Now these will be for the product review and what’s more cool in the package was the 2018 planner, which is such an interesting one. Also, a greeting card and some candies too!

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-09 at 11.39.03(1)

No matter what season it is, dry skin will be there, so we always need something to keep our skin moisturized (24hr moisture) and hydrated. The Moisturizing Body Oil can be used in 2 ways!

1. You can apply it on a damp skin after bath. Leave it for a few seconds and just pat to dry.
2. You can also pour 2 capfuls of this on a running water on a tub for moisturizing and soothing bath.

I was stunned with the second one of course. So I really tried that part. I poured 2 capfuls of body oil on a warm water on the tub. Water became blurry white and not oily. I soaked there and enjoyed my soothing bath for few minutes. The scent of the cocoa butter makes you calm and after bath? Not much skin dryness has shown and skin is soft and smooth already but yah still have to apply afterwards. No scent of cocoa butter was left on the skin and no greasiness and stickiness.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-11 at 09.12.06
around AED25

Now this Softens Smoothes is a solidified cocoa butter once you open the jar. Along with that, a heavenly scent of cocoa butter will start flourishing the air.

This is treated as a daily skin therapy. The awesomeness of this is that it’s also a 24-hr moisturizer. Means you don’t have to re-apply within the day. Because it locks in the moisture on your skin. If you have rough part on your skin which I usually get from my soles, I apply this on that area too. It relieves roughness and leaves your skin smooth and supple.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-11 at 09.12.06(1)
around AED25

Both products are also great to use for stretchmarks and scars because they both contain Vitamin E that is a powerful antioxidant and helps to even and toned skin appearance.

Overall both products help your dry skin to be soft and smooth from a natural moisturizer. It’s just that they come in two forms. One is oil and the other is in solid form. You have the option to take which one suits your preference. Available from all leading supermarkets and price may have slight difference from each other.

On the lighter side, I wanted to share with you about this ‘Happy baby carriers’ an organisation in Uganda that consists of small workforce of local women who sew ergonomic baby carriers. Palmer’s will be visiting Ghana on December 10, and will be buying these baby carriers and will distribute them to the women who work in cocoa plantations and small villages. Women are often forced to return to work shortly after delivering their baby in order to support their family.

So follow their journey via Instagram and get some updates from there!




  1. Love their initiative of buying baby carriers for women…cocoa butter is my favourite for winter nourishment…Palmers is available here also…so let me check about the products….thank you for sharing your reviews…it will be of help…


  2. These products look so good. Would definitely love to try them out in this dry weather. Thank you for sharing a wonderful review ❤


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