New look of this online shop is better

I’m sure you have read or heard somewhere about our favorite online shopping website being an Amazon company now. Last night I was searching for an item via Google and showed up on the search engine. I clicked on it and I was surprised with their new look!


The Home page is way neater and in proper order with better images. Customers will definitely surf on their highlighted products. There are so much more options now on the Menu tab. You will be able to get redirected also on the Amazon global store from their website. Prices are converted already on dirhams. Import fees will also be shown and included on your total bill.


What’s also great is that when you are ready for check-out, there will be a payment option suggestion for you where you can save few dirhams when using VISA or MASTERCARD (ADCB). Now once you proceed, another payment option will be showed for you and there were new additions which was new for me as well. Apple pay is there (if you are using your mobile) and an installment plan for purchases from AED500 or more from participating banks. If you are an ADCB & NBD customer they are included. Also, if you are in on their cut-off time (before 3PM) for the day, you can have the option for Same day delivery (with additional charge).


Recently I have an issue using debit card for online purchase, so nowadays I’m opting for Cash on delivery method. It’s hurting as an extra charge (AED4) aside from the shipping charge (AED10). Why? Because these extra charges applies per item and not on your total bill. However, there are specific items which are free shipping with no minimum amount requirements e.g. Fine Baby.

It is definitely recommended to use Debit or Credit card because you get discounts and no extra charges. You will pay purely the price of the product only. You may talk to your bank requesting for an authentication code each and every time the card is being used for online purchase to make it more highly secure. Unfortunately, for ADCB this can’t be applied however with NBD it is possible with the use of SMART PASS. You can activate this via mobile app or calling EVA (their call center number).



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