Let it be fun whenever we bathe our kids

Bath time! I guess kids would love this as the best part of the day after messing up. We got bubble bath for them, bath toys, make them float, others may put slime and etc. Well, while we talk about toys, I received a newsletter one time from Tish Tash about their top picks from Clevamama.

One thing that gave interests to me is the Clevabath Toys & Tidy Bag. Hamza loves playing while soaked into the water. So I’ll let him play first before washing him up thoroughly.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-13 at 13.04.45

When I received this item, it was a very light product! They were made with lightweight foam material in animal shapes with different colors and numbers on them. This foam doesn’t absorbs the water. Once they are wet they will stick right away on the wall/tiles or tub.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-09 at 20.01.15(1)

Result? It’s a fun learning on playtime while bath time. Keeping them away has never been easy with the tidy bag that is included on this. It sticks also on the wall so just throw them all in there and let them dry by themselves.

This cool product can be purchased from Mumzworld, Mothercare, Toys R Us and even Spinneys. I have found it in Mumzworld to be around AED42! Do you spend time with your kids during bath time too? It’s one of the best perfect bonding moments…..



  1. ah these are nice – I wonder if they have these in Saudi Arabia – I love that they stick on the tiles too, I can imagine my girls enjoying these at bath time! thanks for sharing!


  2. We had something similar to these for almost 4 years and my kids loved playing with them. I eventually threw them away for hygiene reasons but they are so fun for kids. I love how they stick on the wall!


  3. Wow…these look so pretty and love the idea of using bath toys for kids….it was always been duck and ducklings in bath tab for my lil darling….these foam ones would dry easily and would have very light to play with during bath i think…


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