Need more of Vitamin C for his teeth

I have made a blog about Yaya Vitamins earlier (Do you have a child who doesn’t drink medicines like mine?) and just right about time when I wanted to focus also on his gums and teeth development since he’s over 3 years old now.

His four front upper teeth are giving signs of falling by the 4th year maybe. So I just want some added supplement aside from natural resources of Vitamin C. I am now using more of Vita-C of Yaya Vitamins which also has Zinc.

This has 3 gummy fruity flavours of lemon, orange and strawberry. With a daily dosage of 1 gummy not until 4 years and above (adults too) they can have 2. It’s so yummy like really candies so they might eat more so please give proper supervision. Excessive intake can be toxic for kids! Each bottles have 60 gummies which means it’s good to go for about 2 months!

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-09 at 20.01.15
Yaya Vitamins are Gluten and Gelatin free and with no preservatives! It’s a product made in Canada.

Right now, there’s a promotion going on that you’ll  get a FREE Yaya bear headphone on each bottles in all Binsina and Supercare pharmacies only and while stocks last. So take note of that!

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photo credit from @yaya.vitamins ‘ IG

We usually get this from a nearby pharmacy from us for AED60. Tell me are you a fan of this for your children? If not why do you think so?

As I have conveyed earlier on my first post, well I find it helpful for me as a way of eating vitamin supplements in a form of candy because he doesn’t take any oral medicines. For sure there are other brands like them, which I never thought at first (wink!). Because I have known them via social media like Facebook so I just immediately look for them only.

I’m open with suggestions if you have in mind with the condition of our son when it comes to meds. Let me read them on the comment section! Thanks in advance.




  1. Oh I never realised Vitamin C was so important for teeth. I must admit though that I never bother with Vitamins for my youngest as she eats quite well. With my eldest I did get vitamins as she was fussy…but would rather they eat the proper foods.


  2. I personally think the best way to get all the nutrients and vitamins one needs is direct from fruits and veggies. On that note seeing these remind me of my childhood lol so cute! (

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  3. This is amazing! I’m constantly on the search for gummy vitamins without gelatin…for myself. I hate taking pills. Throw in trying to take prenatal vitamins and forget it! I’ve examined bottle after bottle with no luck. Thanks for the tip! Maybe they have some adult vitamins in their line….


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