Do you love burger and fries?

It’s been awhile since our last visit in JBR. That was when we spent 3 days in Amwaj Rotana last year. JBR is one of the famous attractions in Dubai where everyone can just take a long walk and see fab spots aside from the open beach. You can expect this to be a crowded place during the weekend which mostly families are around. The graffiti on the buildings that makes it so popular and gives more attraction especially for photographers. They also hold some events from time to time like a free movie night under the sky. JBR is well-known to have The Walk and The Beach areas.

So yes it was Saturday and the weather was so clear and fine when we visited Blaze Burgers in JBR which is nearby Movenpick hotel (The Walk area). A burger joint that originated from Bahrain and newly opened 6 months and a half ago. I never thought it will be a spacious restaurant not until we were inside.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-14 at 11.41.53(4)

You’ll reached the counter first from the entrance if you’ll take your left. The right side will lead you directly inside the dining area. The restaurant has a unique concept of building up a sort of a mini stall right after the counter. This is where all types of condiments are. Small steel baskets are even there too. The best idea to take your own choice of condiments after taking your order. By the time you finished, your food is already waiting for you. During this moment, we have tried a totally new brand of hot sauce (El Yucateco – hope it’s the right name) this really gave a very good kick to the food!

Right across the bar is a long table perfect for customers who comes in a big group. Then there are tables with sofas and really a spacious dining area. I don’t want to regret for not saying that the graffiti on their walls are outstanding! Designs are eccentric and colorful thus very eye catching. And so the lights (bulbs) in this place is somewhat you can see in an underground mine or somewhat similar.

The washroom is clean and fragrant. They have installed a very classical style of faucet too.

It’s about customizing your own burger here in Blaze Burgers. You can choose the patty (portobello mushroom for vegetarian), bun (lettuce wrap for vegetarian) and toppings you want for it (you can also make your own toppings) except for the Gabooga (Brick Burger). Now a meal with the burger is not complete without fries. They have few kinds of fries with several types of toppings you can choose from plain to cheesy to spicy ones!

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Kid’s meal

We were there with our son. I was about to order his own plate of fries when Pinky has suggested me to take their Kid’s meal. It’s not on the menu though but they have. Hamza was served with cheese sandwich and plain fries.

Whenever you are ready, you can go to counter to place your order.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-14 at 11.41.54(1)

We had tried the Gabooga which is well-known as Brick Burger (I also recommend this just like others. It’s worth having this that’s having very juicy Angus beef patties and the Chicken grilled burger (we opted this with a soft brown bun with Texas BBQ topping) . I ordered for Scoop fries with Crazy fries topping (the crispy fried onions gave an additional flavor to the taste and put that hot sauce to it, it’s just a perfect combination). And I took this Dry Shake at the end for curiosity with Cheesecake flavor. I learned that it’s dry shake because nothing else added to it. Just ice cream and the cheesecake together. Surprisingly very good!

Open daily from 12nn to 2am! You can also order via Zomato and Uber Eats.

**Wifi – just ask for the code

Facebook, Instagram

I bet residents in this area and nearby to it are enjoying this awesome place everyday. As a visitor which comes from a different emirate we may find it a bit difficult when it comes to parking. Parking is not free at all. The cheapest parking you can get is the paid public parking in front or the green parking inside a building like Murjan for 10 dhs/hr else you will land to a street parking of 50dhs.

Blaze Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. Probably one of my least favourite meals! However, I enjoyed your photos and your post, masha’Allah. I think I would prefer to be an employee than a customer. I can imagine finishing mopping the floor and enjoying writing in that space, all to myself. 🙂 Jazakillahkhayr for describing your experience and prompting me to imagine myself there too.


  2. DROOL DROOL DROOL!!!!!!! The food pictures look so freaking yummy! I wish I could eat through the screen lol (


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