What makes this diaper to stand out among other diapers?

Have you heard of Pureborn diaper? Are you using it and what’d you think about this product?

I’ve been a loyal user of one diaper brand and I got so curious of Pureborn when I always see it on Instagram. With their consistent hosting of competitions oftenly and that made me really go and check ’em out.


This brand has a so-called Happiness Formulation that you can see on the packaging. And what are they?
☑️ Smile often
☑️ Give back
☑️ Live clean

Now let’s get to the product itself. I’m happy with this product in some particular reasons. First of all, the absorption it does, no odor and the leakage protection area which I usually have to pull out the sleeves properly to make sure it will not leak, with Pureborn, I don’t even have to do that because the sleeves are wider. This is the only diaper I know that has few designs as well which are so collectible such as Pineapple, Banana leaves, Palm trees, Kisses, etc. And I can say not only me who likes it because with the 2 kinds of diapers right now that I have on the table, our son will take his pineapple-designed nappy during nappy change.

Pureborn products are made with plant-based material (bamboo is a grass so no trees were harmed), 100% bamboo fiber and the pad itself is done with bio bamboo pulp core, making it super absorbent. The waist band is very elastic and the magic tapes are inserted within this band so I believe this helps it to hold stronger and not to get detached from it. Look down just a little bit from the waist band on the back part, there is a naturally derived odor blockers inserted there. Promise! No pee or poo odor that will float in the air (unless it was there for a long time). See the picture below for more understanding for this nappy.


I got 22pcs of nappies in 1 pack which is around AED36 in Mumzworld. If you want to get it in store, you can grab them in Lulu hypermarket and price may vary.

Pureborn has baby wipes too! They have it on a normal packaging, 60pcs. (AED18.48-Mumzworld) and a travel pack (AED32.58-Mumzworld) that has 8 packs inside with 10 pcs of wipes on each packs. Now these wipes are chemical free and only 3 ingredients were used ie. 99% aqua (water), tea tree and coconut preservatives. See because of these ingredients there’s no icky sticky feeling on the skin. I have wipes from another brand and it’s slippery and bubbles are there thus making the skin sticky. There’s a strong scent at first of tea tree but will eventually subside. No fragrant will be left on the skin.

Also it is tree-free, sls-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. Our child’s skin is extremely absorbent so Pureborn makes sure to only include the best and natural ingredients.

Pureborn is also partnered with Dubai Cares. Means, 5%of the proceeds from the sale will help educate children in need.


*I reviewed this brand for the intention of sharing info and experience of using it. This post contains affiliate links. 



  1. Its been a very very long time since I changed nappies, you can see all the work, love and care they have put into the product, Its the first time I have heard of this brand but the name itself reflects the product. Thanks for the review.

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  2. This is a new brand to me…I have never seen it in India…will surely let know my friends about this brand who are in abroad…the material used in making sounds great to me…

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  3. Wow! Gotta try the pure biorn diapers. I have always stuck to pampers premium for both my kids and was quite happy with it as it really absorbs and there is no leakage. However, wouldn’t mine trying these for my dd. Any idea of these are available in lulu Qatar?

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  4. Masha’Allah. Are they compostable? I used to use Little Lamb and Tots Bots bamboo washable nappies, which I alternated with Naty nappies. I still use Naty pull ups / pants but they are made from wood pulp, not bamboo. I wonder if Pureborn will expand to the UK. Here, Jackson Reece ‘Kinder by Nature’ wipes are good when soap and water isn’t available. Jazakillahkhayr for this review! I love that Pureborn ensure kindness to the earth and people upon it through their products, masha’Allah.

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