I tried guessing who’s Fifi among the characters

Recently, there was a new UK brand that has been launched in the UAE which showcases a wide range of baby care products called Fifi & Friends. Who is Fifi? This is a character that portrays the founder’s (Tamara – founded by 2017) daughter, Sophia. She is the inspiration behind it and so these products were born.

This brand highlights to be KIND BABY CARE. Here are the reasons why:

☑️ hypoallergenic
☑️ dermatologically tested
☑️ contains organic aloe vera
☑️ formulated without major allergens, sulphates, parabens, silicones and wheat
☑️ most products are vegan
☑️ container is recycable


With all these above-mentioned facts, it makes it suitable for newborns. In the UK this is only available in Harvey Nichols and on their website. This is why when I asked my fellow bloggers in UK they are not so familiar with it.

Fifi & friends were introduced here with the help of Tish Tash, one of the well-known PR marketing agencies. Through them, I was able to try this Baby Wash (AED53) and Rescue Cream (AED45). They have wide range of products which you can find right now online and only are available now in Mumzworld and Beautiful Brands (get 10% off on your 1st order upon signing up on their newsletter) and which will be eventually also available in Babyshop, Spinneys and Waitrose in Dubai.

My findings:

The Baby Wash is tear-free and I used it from head to toe which I normally do when I’m using a baby wash. Apparently, if you will read the usage at the back, it’s just for the body. This product is lightly scented with a baby scent which made me so addicted sniffing on our son. It does leave the skin of the child soft, smooth and fragrant.

The Rescue Cream on the other hand has a similar scent. There are parts of his body that shows dryness so I applied it there. It is absorbant and light on the skin (I tried it too!) . It nourishes and makes the skin on a supple condition.

For the fun part, I guess Fifi is the one who’s having the brown pony tailed hair. She’s the common character from these 2 products that I got. What do you think?

*I reviewed these products for the sake of sharing info and experience of using it.



  1. I love products that are natural, chemical free, vegan and organic so this is right up my alley! I keep trying to tell people whenever I can to not use conventional products especially for babies so I really appreciate this review! Thanks for sharing!

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