Any type of skin your child has this brand is suitable

The story:

Childs Farm was a solution for the two daughter’s of Joanna Jensen, founder & CEO, both of whom suffer from sensitive skin and fine, fly-away hair. Using her knowledge of natural remedies, Joanna created the initial range at her kitchen table, and then took this to a UK manufacturer.

She then tried these out on her own kids and those of her friends. The feedback she received was not only that it smelled fantastic, performed brilliantly and that children loved using it, but also that it worked wonders on sensitive and even eczema-prone skin.

This unexpected outcome was the springboard for a series of clinical tests and user trials – which continues to this day on everything we produce, and that allows us to make our sensitive and eczema-prone skin claims. The product labels featuring Joanna’s children and animals give the brand authenticity and encourage their use!

Opinion and experience:


Childs Farm has Look Book collection which is classified into two. I got 3 samples of each (250 ml of squeezable bottle with press-top cover) from the Core Range and Baby Range.

I’ve first tried the Shampoo, Conditioner and the Hair & Body Wash products under the Core Range. They are very attractive which has cartoonic designs and colorful. So just by babies/kids looking at them, they’ll be excited to take their bath.


What’s cool about this too is the yummy scent that will burst out once applied. The shampoo and conditioner are both in sweet strawberry scents and the hair and body wash in blackberry. When it comes to color, only the conditioner is white and the other two are colorless. As a result, hair was soft and fragrant! It was my first time to see a hair conditioner for kids so I was like excited to use this to him 🙂

Now for the Baby Range, I got the baby wash, baby bedtime bubbles and baby moisturizer. With these, they have a particular duck (one of the farm animals) as a character. It’s a much minimalistic simple look. The next day, I have tried this range and I used the baby wash. This time around this is favorable to be used from head to toe. Just a small amount it will be enough. This is colorless and fragrant free too.


After bath, I applied the moisturizer on his full dried-up body except for his face. However, you can apply this on the face as well. You will feel the immediate effect of this while still massaging the lotion on his body. The skin will absorb it so fast and no sticky feeling. It left his skin soft and smooth. This is white in color with very mild fragrant.

On the same day (around 6pm), we used the baby bedtime bubbles. On a tub filled with the tap still running (this will help to create bubbles fast) with lukewarm water I slowly poured in the formula and it makes a lot of bubbles with small amount. Since he already took his complete bath, I just let him soaked while playing. This product is colorless with Tangerine mild scent. It helps to calm and soothe the child. Also it comes with Vitamin E that will moisturize the skin that’s why I felt it was soft after drying up.

Save water do it on a small tub not on the bathtub as much as possible.
I hope you’ll find your favorites mamas just like how our son chose bedtime bubbles to be his fav!

**☑️Childs Farm products are scented with essential oils, they smell yummy and amazing too. ☑️ Families no longer have to buy different products to care for the different skin needs of their children and that little ones with sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

–By the way, these are not tear-free products.

Childs Farm is currently available in Mumzworld, Baby Souk, Playdate, the Palm Jumeirah, Level Kids, City Walk, My Organic Baby Shop and Orange Wheels, Al Wadha Mall, Abu Dhabi. By the end of April it will be available in Boots and Souq Planet as well.

*I reviewed this products for the sake of sharing info and to experience the use of it.



  1. Masha’Allah. I have been slowly researching and taking up use of essential oils, and wondering about adding them to my children’s baths to help facilitate calm and relaxation. Insha’Allah I will look for these products. Jazakillahkhayr.


  2. These kind of natural products are right up my street 🙂 It always enjoyable to find new, trustworthy products – especially when it comes to body care/ baby care as it’s absorbed into our skin.


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