What do you use to condition your hair?

I have been recently using another hair mask of Palmers which is from the Olive Oil formula. I have reviewed the first one earlier which was a Coconut Oil formula and has the same scent as the body lotion on your hair which I truly love. You can read it here: FREE EVALUATION: Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Products

I love this the most because of its beautiful scent and because my hair is colored

Now, this Olive Oil formula deep conditioner is for frizz prone hair which I matched using their shampoo for the same. This cream is olive in color. This comes in a packet size too which is good for my hair to be used 3 times. You don’t have to use it daily so it’s fine for a week usage.

Free from harmful chemicals as shown above

I shampoo first and then apply this on my hair on the top portion first and then flip my hair forward so I can apply it also at the back and apply some also towards down the rest of my hair. You will feel from your hands it will immediately become fine, soft and smooth. I got a hair or scalp massager I may say so I used it while letting it rest for about 2-3 mins. This tool will help with your blood circulation. It made me feel relaxed too while stroking it on my scalp.

Once done rinsing, your hair will definitely come out manageable and beautiful! This can be purchased in Boots Pharmacy as an example for AED12 but still varies on the stores.



  1. I definitely need to try this. Coloring my hair has made it so brittle and frizzy. So many people say coconut and olive oil are the best to revitalize your hair.


  2. This looks interesting. I usually just use the conditioner that I buy with my shampoo. Although I know they are filled with chemicals I still use them. Maybe time to try something else.


  3. Being a Curley Wurly girl, anything that has ‘olive oil’ and ‘deep conditioner’ instantly catches my eye lol ! I have bought my products for this month but let me know how it goes with your hair so I can think of purchasing it next month!! Thanks for sharing xxx


  4. I personally use whatever matching conditioner I purchase with my shampoo, but I love deep conditioning once every 2 weeks (because I have oily hair) with hask hair masks. Will check these out next 😀 (www.spicyfusionkitchen.com)


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