When I’m in Mumzworld

As part of Mumz Panel in Mumzworld (an online shop for mumz) I purchased some toys for Hamza which I’m entitled for 15% discount. Before I show what toys I got for him, I got a discount code for you too if you are already an existing customer. You may use GreatThings10 and 10% discount will be applied. Don’t worry if you are not yet a fan of them, you can also create your account now here and aside from this discount code you’ll be rewarded AED50 upon signing up. Cool isn’t it? Also, when you refer a friend, you get AED25 on each sign ups. Furthermore, on each items you purchase you get Mumz loyalty points that you can redeem later on your next purchase (100 points=AED1).

So let’s get in to the box. I look for something that has some fixing tools because he likes fixing things as how he sees his dad at home or in the car. I found the Fix-it Toolbox by Hape. This toy is made of wood material. The toolbox itself is heavy but not with the tools (lightweight). Also it has fixed holes where the child can play around with it. It has a smooth finishing, high quality one. Some skills will be developed while playing with this such as fine motor, physical, social and problem skills. This is ok for kids from 3+.

Next, is the Choo Choo Loop. Hamza likes trains. So I’m looking for something that has a trail and not big and I found this! It’s great from 1yr old and above. I thought at first that this can be played on the loop but the trails are detachable and also can be twisted! So we made a curvy trail too. The train is reversible as well! So once it hits the stopper it will reverse back. You can just put the train on the floor also and let it keep on running. This uses AAA battery.


The Tooky Toy which is a sort of building blocks are made of lightweight wood material in vibrant colors. The child can learn shapes, colors and be imaginative to create something out of it like a house. Since the blocks are light he has to practice balancing too. It’s perfect for children 1yr and above.

We opened the Box of Manners next. This has 54 glossy (front) illustrated cards with a instruction booklet too. You can play 3 games with this such as Memory game, Application game and Reference game. You can use the booklet for the reference game. It is in English and Arabic as well as the cards. I played Memory game with my son with this at first with a bit of application. I explained what the pictures means.


Then I added one more book for him. This is his first story book. The Jungle book which is a board book. Hamza is one of those kids who tears paper so I chose this kind. The other board books I bought for him were more of word by word type. Each page is illustrated with full drawing and captions are written above it.


Last one is the Ramadan Activity book. This includes some games like paper folding game, crossword puzzle and pop-up cards making. Some stories also like about Creation and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I’ll try this one by next year where he can understand more.


There’s one order that they didn’t have actually and they returned that amount as a gift certificate for me. I got sad for him because that was the most awaited toy for him, the binocular. So I’m keeping it for the next purchase probably as EID gift for him.

Mumzworld offers free delivery from AED200 purchase otherwise it’s AED23.50 delivery charge below this amount. So the points are very helpful and even referral rewards. But I believe as how we plan on making a weekly or monthly grocery/shopping we may decide to do this bulk orders too so we can take advantage of the free delivery unless of course it’s a must buy on the spot.



  1. I particularly loved the box of manners! You could sit and have looong deep conversations about the importance of gratefulness, for instance. Really good thing to instil in children’s minds at an early age. My mum bought Sulaiman my son the toolbox and my oh my is it excellent! Thanks for sharing this post, it’s always useful to know some good things to purchase 🙂 xxx


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