Let’s talk something about BTS

Team work makes the dream work.

– RM (Namjoon)

I know a lot of people around the world know BTS already at this very moment. However, I still would love to take this time to talk about them because everyday there will be a new Army for sure who will discover and eventually fall in love with their music.

Personally, I discovered BTS around 6 months ago via YouTube. Once I watched a video, I can’t stop to go to the next one and so on! Whole day wasn’t even enough to finish them. That means from that day until now I’m still on that process. Aside from their MV’s, there are videos of them uploaded by the ARMY’s individually; like fancams during concerts or awards, reaction videos, fan fictions, etc. The boys also have attended various variety shows, VLIVE moments, awards, stage performances, and so on.

BTS is an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan that has 7 members. Starting from the Rap line; Namjoon (main, leader of the group and known as RM & Rap Monster), Yoongi (Suga) and Hoseok (J-Hope); with the Vocal line, Jungkook (main, known as Kookie and the maknae (youngest) in the group) Jimin (known as the shortest one) Taehyung (V) and Jin (the oldest member). I haven’t mentioned yet their full names here even their known nicknames and other personal info. However you may want to read their brief introduction and history on this link.

So let’s start about the word ARMY. BTS fans are called ARMY and it’s divided into K-Army/K-diamonds (Korean fans) and I-Army/International lovelies (International fans). At first, I thought getting involve and loving them as a whole package that makes you an ARMY already. Technically it does however, there is a Global Fan Club where a recruitment process (to be an official Army) is being done yearly. It usually happens before their Anniversary which is June 13th. The recruitment this year (5th Army) happened last April and it was too late for me when I knew about it. (Separate post will be done for this)

Moving on, BTS is very active on social media especially on Twitter (@bts_twt), their official account and also a fancafe account (@btsfancafe_twt). You must be having VLIVE app on your phone too. This is where they post LIVE videos individually and as a group. Above all, these are the platforms where they post by themselves. So follow their Facebook and Instagram accounts too.

As an ARMY , Army Amino app is there that serves as an interaction for ARMY’s with each other. You’ll find it interesting and useful to know more deeper and stay updated about BTS.

From my personal point of view, what makes BTS stands out from the other K-Pop boy groups is that, they give 100% or even more during their performance even if it’s just a practice video. They are very in sync considering at the moment there are only 4 of them on the Dance line (J-Hope; main, Jungkook, Jimin and newly added V). Their choreography on each songs are very intense with sharp movements. They also perform live without lip syncing. (I have watched other group videos of course to be convinced by myself) There are other songs for sure that are catchy and beautiful just like theirs though.

Talking about the songs, this is the part that makes them distinctive too. They make their own songs hence produces (not all) it also. Four of them have their own studios (with personalized names) to do this work namely as RM, SUGA, J-HOPE and Jungkook.

The group may be poor with English but RM as the leader helped a lot on this aspect. Hence, this problem with communication didn’t make a hindrance to capture the hearts of everyone and win awards internationally.

Photo credit : Google Images

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