How to purchase the album of BTS?

Living without passion is like being dead.

– Jungkook

How to buy BTS album? This year they have made their comeback last May 20 and significantly done in USA during BBMA wherein they won again the Top Social Artist award. The album was released May 18 though and those who did a pre-order they got it on time and others delayed just like me 🙂 However, still people buy even after that. Again, just like me I’m waiting for the second one. Hopefully by 3rd week of July it will reached me.

I thought of doing a pre-order after I saw an announcement that their accepting one already. From my end, I went to BTS official shop. I made an account and registered myself. So there were 2 options for the album. Either you buy the full version which has 4 albums or just take 1 by randomly choice when they send it to you. I opted for just 1 because I’m not really pretty sure if it will reached or not. By the way, this order I made was a gift to someone special in Philippines so I input the address there. From Korea, it will go straight to the recipient. This site accepts PAYPAL payment and I was so glad that I have one, so for the first time I’m using it for purchasing. That was Apr 23 when I did it and the time came when the album was released already and slowly I’m seeing people are receiving their copies. I was anxiously waiting still from my end to receive a news that it has been received but May ended and still no news. Anyway, I also anticipated that she might received it by June and so it was June 7th when finally she received it.

Album received from Philippines. It has RM postcard, stand and poster. I’m not sure which version though.

Other websites that you can safely order it is via Interpark, Melon and Kpoptown. They ships internationally!

Now on my part, I thought I’ll be okay just listening to them from my playlist but I was craving for one also at the end. Before ending up buying one, I also joined some competitions where they were giving away the album but with no luck.

Recently, I discovered the fan page of BTS here in UAE and they also have the Twitter account where they do group orders. I didn’t order the same way I did earlier because I have doubts that I’ll receive it. Home addresses here in UAE are bit weird and if it will not be sent via a well-known courier (eg. DHL) and it will be just a local courier then there’s a tendency it will get lost.

I got in touch with them via Twitter and I’ve seen that the previous orders were successfully received by the recipients on Twitter too. So I filled up the form sent by them. On the form I was able to choose which version I can purchase. As per the unboxing videos I watched, version Y has V’s postcard (my bias, but have the possibility to have a different one) so I chose that version. I opted to pay via online bank transfer since it’s free. It costed me AED145 in total because it includes the local delivery charge of AED30. I’ll do a separate post for unboxing later on.

The BTS MEMORIES OF 2017 DVD is also out now. You may love to have a copy of it or even the albums. Amazon is one of the distributors. So you may opt to order from them since they ship worldwide. On the otherhand, I’ve heard in USA the album is available in Target and Walmart.


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