Introducing Palmers body firming sheet mask

Palmer’s Body firming sheet masks which are meant for toning and firming of your skin has been received to try. Each packs has 2 sheets soaked with the key ingredients for your skin. You may use this on the hips, thighs, stomach for about 10 mins on a clean skin. Just peel off the mask after that and massage the remaining formula on your skin to be fully absorbed. I find the packaging of the the masks inside a bit messy and inconvenient (not yet available in UAE).

The scent of these masks are just the same as what you can get from the body lotion. It’s very fragrant and mild on the nose. You may read about the body lotion here.

The sheets are kind of long (almost 11″) so for me I cut it on half and placed it on my stomach area. The 2nd sheet which was cut into two also, I placed them on my thighs. It’s cold once placed on your skin so kind of relaxing.

On the otherhand, Palmers Coconut oil formula shampoo (light golden brown) and conditioner (yellow) is for the ones who have dry, damaged or color treated hair. Well I’m happy to have it coz just recently I colored my hair to ombre. Three quarters of my hair was bleached. Hair conditioner is absolutely a must if I don’t want to end up with a long tangled nest-like hair.

Sample size

So yes, I was using a different conditioner before this so it helped me to find the difference and effectiveness of this conditioner from Palmers’. I applied this after I rinsed my hair from the shampoo. I started from top front going half way back and then flipped my hair down to apply behind all the way down. I especially massaged more from half of my bleached hair. I put my shower cap afterwards to have it a rest for about 5-10mins then rinse.

While combing my hair that’s where I observed it’s the more effective product. Not a single tangled hair I felt. It was perfectly smooth and giving me soft and fragrant hair. These products are all having same scent since they are all under the Coconut oil formula. I wanted to give a compliment with the shampoo too. The smoothness of my hair started from there. Unlike with the current brand I’m using where you’ll feel the stiffness of my hair from where it was bleached.

These products can be found soon in Boots pharmacies like in 3 weeks for around AED30 in normal size.

Update: As of August 02, the shampoo and conditioner are now available in Boots.



  1. Very nice review. I wonder if these masks would work with very sensitive skin? I always have trouble with such products since they irritate my skin. Will have to ask my dermatologist before I try one. The shampoo and conditioner seem like really nice products as well.


  2. It’s amazing what you can do with coconut, I drink it, love coconut water, cook with it, but have never used it in my hair. Always a first time.


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