Few details you have to know as an Int’l fan of BTS

Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream.

– Kim Taehyung

I’ve came across of some problems that international fans get for BTS. Please be always be reminded that BTS is a KPOP group and that this industry has its own style. What do I mean?

Being a fan in kpop it has various activities that is connected to it and not just by listening to music and attending concerts/shows.

1. You have to be part of the official global fan club. This is where such privileges to access important updates from the group that you’ll get and even exclusive content like photos and videos.

From this alone, why will you argue it’s unfair for not getting such important info if you are not an official Army? Well how about those who signed up? For the fact, that some official Army are even sharing this info to everyone else who doesn’t have access and getting some issues lately for leaking it.

2. To be able to register for the fan club you have to be a member of Interpark and Daum Cafe. Why?

Interpark is where you can buy your membership kit. I missed the 5th Army membership kit (official global Army fan club). Yes it’s a kit! Means you’ll be receiving goodies. Watch some unboxing videos on YouTube.

Daum Cafe is where the official fan cafe of BTS is and that’s where all public and official contents are shared. It’s free to join and still you’ll get important information even if you are just on a low level like Associate member. That’s my status as of now! You can change your level by leveling up and you can join every week from Friday to Sunday.

I have registered on both mentioned above so that I’ll be ready next spring to join the 6th Army generation.

3. Streaming a lot on paid apps like Naver, Melon, Spotify, iTunes, etc.

4. V LIVE is an app where BTS shares different video contents. There’s free and premium membership as well.

5. BTS is mostly active on Twitter.

6. As an ARMY join BTS Amino app where fellow Army’s shares common and related interests.

Just like any apps or websites where you can join or use for FREE but Premium members gets different level of privileges.

On my own point of view, you really don’t have to do ALL things mentioned above. It doesn’t make you a less Army. We don’t have to feel jealous of the information that we don’t get directly just like the registered Army do because they also share it to us. Big Hit of course still informing the public through their proper accounts. Just make sure you are following the right ones too!

Photo credit: Big Hit and Amino app


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