Make your purchase count so PRE-ORDER your LY:Answer now!

Live your life. It’s yours anyway. Don’t try too hard. It’s okay to lose.

– BTS, Fire

Where can you do your pre-order for the new BTS album LY: ANSWER? Usually Big Hit posts links on their SNS accounts like Facebook and Twitter on where you can buy one. The links provided by BH today is where your purchase is being counted for Billboard chart and Korean charts.

For USA and other Western/Europe/GCC countries:



Once album is released (08/24) it will be definitely in-store and online in Target for USA residents and it’s been confirmed by the company itself. Most probably in Walmart as well.

Asian countries (shipping fee will cost more for non-Asian):






Pre-order can be done until Aug 23, 2018. Also if you are a member from BH official shop, you get notification about this.

See images below for the album credits from BH official shop:

TIP: Just buy 1 album it’s more feasible. Buying all 4 versions is not necessary others are doing it for the sake of collecting. Whichever version you’ll get for sure you’ll be happy!


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