LY:TEAR unboxing time

In order to be successful, you have to fail too.

– Kim Taehyung

I have received my LY:TEAR album which is technically the 2nd copy I purchased. The first one, I pre-ordered it as a gift for someone special in Philippines. You can read my article about it here.

Surprisingly, this 2nd album was ordered and arrived very quickly. Here in UAE we also have BTS’ Army fanbase and they handle group orders. It was around 3rd week of June when they created another group order because the BTS Memories of 2017 DVD came out.

If you are here in UAE, you may want to follow their Twitter for group orders. They’re giving notifications on this account whenever a group order is open. A link (Google form) will be provided on the specific post for you to fill up.

You’ll get a receipt of confirmation of your order within 24 hrs from the admin via email. Then you have to do the payment within 48 hrs. Details on how to do your payment is included on the email.

Mode of payment is also very convenient. You can pay online (local banks telegraphic transfer) and it’s mostly free, money transfer via exchange centers or even deposit via ATM.

We all know that purchasing 1 album is via random but through them I was able to choose the version I wanted hoping I’ll get my bias “Kim Taehyung”. I opted for Y version and I based my decision on the unboxing video I saw on YouTube.

It was July 5th when I received an email update about my purchase. The album has arrived and I’ll be receiving it in the next few days. For local delivery they are using Fetchr company as courier service. The delivery fee is AED30 that was added on your bill previously.

You’ll received an sms from this company once your package has successfully reached their warehouse. You have to click the link provided by them to settle the delivery date and confirm your address. The customer service will also give you a call once the delivery date is also confirmed from their side.

It was Thursday, Jul 12 when I finally have it on my hands. The poster was inside a tube rolled up. So yes, I have it unfolded! Everything else was wrapped with the bubble wrap and the album itself is securely sealed.

In between the mini photobook, the photocard of SUGA popped up! I was still surprised even if it was not Taehyung. He got an adorable smile looking innocent. The plastic stand, membership survey card and note were all there aside from the CD itself. Also, I got some sort of LY bookmark I guess and sticker from Bangtan UAE shop. It was so nice of them.

So yah, if you’re wondering if it’s legit and safe to order from them, you may proceed. It’s the best way that I can recommend since we are here in UAE. Otherwise, you can also opt for Interpark, Melon, Kpoptown, other Korean online shops since they ship internationally aside from BH’s.

I did the membership survey by the way, and I got SUGA also saying “Thank you” in a video.

Now, the unexpected new album for another comeback this year is taking pre-order now. What’s your plan?


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