It’s the BTS Summer Package 2018, what to do now?

In the end they will judge me anyway, so whatever.

– Min Yoongi

Where can we pre-order the BTS Summer Package 2018 this time? Release date will be on Aug. 14. Below are the links where you can buy it from today:

Big Hit

Cokodive – I found the price doubled up. The shipping fee must be included though it states that it’s free shipping worldwide. Use code NHXBTS10 for 10% off under KPOP MERCH section not applicable to the album.

Amazon – like the Cokodive I found the price doubled but could be because shipping is already included so I’m not sure.

GO (Group orders) this would be your last option to do if you really find the shipping fees to be way shooting up in the sky or if you have doubts if the package will reach to your place or not.

You can mostly find them in Twitter. Trust is the key here. Type Group orders and search for the ones in your area. As for me, I have experienced this already and yes it went smoothly and the item was original. You may want to read it here.

What will you get? Below info I got from the Fancafe/BH Shop:

OUT CASE(Random 1ea)
MAKING DVD(about 95min)
GUIDE BOOK(20P, Random 1ea)
STRAP(Same color as an OUT CASE 1ea)

DVD specs:
screen: NTSC 16:9 WIDE SCREEN
sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
running time: medic95boo
local code: 1,3,4,5,6

*All products may vary in specifications depending on the measurement method.

*The outer box is a protective agent, No exchange or refunds due to contamination or damage that may occur during the distribution process.

*Outcases can be fine scratches or fine dusts due to the nature of the carrier material.

TIP: If you really find it impossible to buy (like one of the #brokearmy as they call it) you can always join GIVEAWAYS! There are few sites and Army YouTubers who are doing this. You may try your luck with them since it’s always open international!


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