A cup of kava & chai with a creek view

It turned out that we had an amazing day during EID AL ADHA. Because this review that we went for was not for the sake of it alone. It gave way for the opportunity for us to be mesmerized with the breathtaking traditional built of the buildings.

Kava and Chai is locally owned by an emarati and this branch in Al Seef, Dubai Creek is the newest one which opened last October 2017.

On our way to their place, we walked from the underground parking (free coz it was holiday). Right after you reached the ground from the escalator, one glassdoor caught our attention. It’s a free phone charging locker once you enter. You can leave your mobile there while charging and lock it with a pass code.

I was hella sweating when I entered Kava and Chai. I took some videos, photos and enjoying the view that the creek was offering on my way. I can’t blame why it will be crowded here in the evening especially when winter comes.

Hence, it was fantastic for this cafe to have more outside seats. It’s interior set-up though gives a cozy environment. I love the rustic design of their cups and mugs with their signature name on it. It’s perfectly matching the place. There is free wifi available and code can be found on the wooden standee on the table itself.

While looking around I saw a small machine where they do the turkish coffee. You know the one where they boil the coffee over the sand. It started from this when Kristina, one of the staffs told me that they also use steam punk for the coffee and tea. Aside from this, drip filter style coffee is also available. They serve both hot and cold beverages by the way that even some blended detox can be found.

Kava and chai is a taste of blended coffee and chai together is great. I bet the secret would be the ratio of coffee and chai and that made it an amazing karak one.

Green Veggie blend is a mix of green veggies like kale and spinach and the taste is a little sweet.

The sauce of the salad is tasty. If mixed well together with the salad it would give a more tastier flavor and for sure you’ll enjoy it. They call this Spinach & dates salad by the way.

I ordered Mint kofta sandwich that has a bit spicy with a taste of shawarma and Chicken mozzarella that has big thick slices of chicken breast and both sandwiches were grilled toast.

For dessert I had my eyes on the Red Velvet Oreo cake which has chocolate cream and oreo cookies in between layers.

Carrot cake is surprisingly delicious. To be honest I love it more than the Red velvet oreo. It’s not the sweet type and I guess the cream was the one giving a different kick to it.

I would say this is a perfect place to hang out with family. Having a great view from the creek while dining (when seated outside). The abra also drops by so people from the other side can come. Additional to this, it’s walking distance from the Burjuman metro station. Have a look of my video below:

Kava & Chai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. This looks like such a great place to have food and enjoy with your friends/family. Loved how you wrote everything in detail plus the pictures are absolutely beautiful ♥ Thankyou for sharing this!


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