The Mini Splash in Al Majaz Waterfront, Sharjah

We went to Mini Splash park of AL Majaz Waterfront during EID-Al-Adha. Our son loves playing with water so much so this was a great treat for him.

Earlier, I took him in the play area. The entry fee is AED20 and he can go on both sides. Because the play area is divided into the age group of toddlers from kids.

OK let’s go back to the Mini Splash park. We rode the baggy cart on our way there coz it’s a bit far from the entrance we came from. Also, we did a long walk before that in Dubai Creek already.

We paid for the ticket once we reached. It costs AED50 per child and both parents can go along. As the attendant put the wristband to Hamza, we were informed that by giving the ticket were the sort of nipa hut standing, we’ll get a gift bag.

So we took our way inside and went to the changing room first. Then I went to get the gift bag as advised. I put it inside the bag as I was not ready to check what’s inside. By the way, you can buy some snacks from the same place.

He started playing around once he was freed on the ground. He was jumping and running here and there enjoying the water. Parents were sitting on the benches spreaded around the vicinity. There were different kinds too.

There’s a mini slide where it’s always having a long queue because kids are enjoying landing into the water and it’s even making some traffic at the landing area.

I’m kind of a protective parent even if our child is a boy. I went running around with him and as a mother’s intuition I was right. There will be a child who will give a stare. He was running after him and maybe about to hit but he noticed that I was running in front of them too so he turned around. I was just afraid too that there will be some pushing on the slides. He went there and children keep on running back to the top. So I told him to just stay foot on the ground.

Well, time flew past that we didn’t know that we spent time there that much long. We even saw the water show from where we were standing. Past 8pm we went back to the changing room.

So my feet were sore and I can’t walk back from where we started. We requested the security nearby to call the baggy cart for us. In just a matter of few minutes waiting, he came and we reached back to the parking very quickly.

How about you? Where did you spend EID AL ADHA with your family? Also, watch the video below for some little more insights.



  1. My kids love splash pads and this one looks super cool! Sadly, we don’t have splash pads in Pakistan, I imagine it’s because of the water shortage. Instead we have a little toddler pool for them to splash in and cool off on these hot summer days!


      • Apparently there are a couple in Lahore. They aren’t common though. In Canada, they have regular parks with sprinklers in the summer that anyone can go to for free.


  2. Wow sounds like a lot of fun, I would have been exhausted after all that, I don’t have little ones, I had a quite did and the family went for a meal in the evening.


  3. Wish we had something like that in the UK, I’ve not seen anything like it here, we went away and spent Eid with the family


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