Let’s dig-in in The Choco Monarch

Post EID celebration was still being done in Al Ghurair Centre when we were there to try out The Choco Monarch cafe located in the 2nd floor. If you’ll take the elevator, take left once out.


The place has a casual dining with nice decorative mugs, cups and bottles on the wall. The big picture of some desserts too on the wall will attract you to go in. For social media fanatics or who’s always just online, free wifi is available just ask for the pass code or try using the mall’s free connection too.

We were invited to come and I can’t say no to desserts! Especially crepes covered with chocolate on top. I love milkshake so much too! I’m a fan of this. So I looked over on their menu for this one too.

OK so to summarize what we tried, I ordered 2 scoops of ice cream first for Hamza because his eyes were on it. He had vanilla and strawberry drizzled with chocolate sauce.

This Brownie bowl was coming at me with beautiful chocolate scent when served! You can tell it was freshly done and it was topped with vanilla ice cream.

I ordered the Cream cheese pouch crepe. This is a really killer design for crepe. A pouch! And what’s inside it? Sliced apple, banana with cinnamon powder and cream cheese. You’ll see the cream cheese visually but I guess the cinnamon powder is overpowering it.

Oh and I love cream puff. I buy it from Afrina sweets every weekend since it’s nearby to our place. So, when I saw it on the menu, I opted for it. It’s called Monarch cream puff pyramid. Hubby even loved it as well. The cream inside the puff was complimenting the drizzled chocolate on it.

Now when the milkshakes came, they were so instagrammable! We tried the Strawberry and Monster milkshakes. What else can you ask for when you indulge into something that you love?

Chocolate indeed gives happiness and energy to one’s self. However, there are some people who doesn’t like chocolate that much too. Like hubby! What to do with him? Well, this is why he went for the strawberry milkshake, cream puff and the crepe.

The cafe has a lot to offer on their menu. You’ll definitely find something that you’ll be looking for. And yes! There are treats or packages as well if you don’t feel like ordering individual items. A happy hour is going on too from 10am-2pm which offers any chocolate dish or beverage you order it’s for AED10 only! Fab isn’t it?

Have a look of my video below as well. Share some of your thoughts to me ❤

The Choco Monarch Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  1. My favourite dessert is brownies and you have just made me crave some! What you described “Monarch cream puff pyramids” to be remind me of ‘profiteroles’. Everything on the menu looks delicious, even though I’m not a huge chocolate fan.
    Ramshaa Rose


  2. WOW!! This sounds amazing!! Did they have any non-dairy/vegan options there that you can remember? I would love to try out this place!!


  3. Holy cow! These look delicious. I’m afraid I would want to try everything though and then end up getting sick from all the sugar. A small price to pay maybe. LOL 😀


  4. Oh my my my my my my! lol The Choco Monarch cafe looks like my kind of place! Some of those desserts look like pieces of art! I love chocolate, brownies, fudge and it seems like I could have all of those just by visiting this awesome spot!


  5. Oh my, I would love to go there! I would have to go with an empty stomach, so I could fill up on those amazing desserts. Everything looks so good, but especially the cream cheese pouch crepe – oh my! Chocolate desserts like this remind me of a favorite one hubby and I usually share when we go to our local Longhorn Steakhouse – the dessert is called, Chocolate Stampede, and it has rich hot fudge cake, ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and chocolate curls. SO good!


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