Shopping haul continues in Mumzworld

How are you today? It’s Friday while I’m typing this blog and it’s weekend here in UAE. So I thought of sharing the shopping haul we did on Mumzworld.

Why do I always make a haul on their site? It’s because of the free delivery on over AED200 purchased. We better try to save on that part, haha!

I’ve done this order last Aug. 15 right before the week for long holiday for EID Al Adha. So yes it’s going to be delayed as expected. It arrived last Aug. 27 afternoon.

Here are the items that I ordered which Hamza was wishing for and what I thought he needed:

1. Intex Jungle Fun Cottage – this playhouse is definitely easy to assemble like I didn’t know that I can do it by myself just by looking at the drawing at the back of the box. The cover is made of non-toxic and non-allergenic pvc plastic and it’s durable. The design is Jungle themed so kids will love it. There are windows on both sides of the house and a door in front. My son will spend time playing inside with his toys and even watching there with his pillow and blanket at night.

2. Cutting fruit by Viga – I bought this since our son has been seeing it with other kids by watching videos. So with this, they can learn naming the fruits, colors and teach them the proper way of cutting. We were playing roles at home with this. His delivering at home with fruits on the tray but then I have to return them as a whole fruit after eating. His having a bit difficulties reattaching the banana but recently he got a technique. He was feeling the ends whether rough or smooth from there he will know which one to attach to the other.

3. Fishing game by Tooky Toy – another toy we bought from Tooky Toy because they are great quality wooden toys. This particular product has 10 magnetic sea creatures with 2 fishing rods and the board. So total 13 pc toy which helps kids to know the names of the animals, colors and learn patience while trying to catch them.

4. Cars puzzle by Dino – this puzzle is made with quality board so it’s sturdy. It’s a 15 pc puzzle so it’s suitable for kids 3+. Kids who loves puzzle and cars at the same time will surely like this just like my son. Puzzle helps children to enhance their recognition skills and photographic memorization.

5. Soy milk by Koita – it’s a recent added member of Koita milk range. It’s slightly thick milk, creamy and tasty. Among the other products, this is the only one that has the longest shelf life which is for 1 year.

6. Toothbrush by Jordan – this is just right for his age with the size of this teeth. The bristle of this brush is so soft so it won’t harm the gums of the child. The blue bristle on the center is an indicator of how much toothpaste you should apply to it. The shape of the handle is also perfect for kids to have a good grip of it. This comes with a head cover too.

7. Play n Practice Shapes by Smart – this is already the 2nd box that I’ve bought from Smart. They have wide range of activities for kids. Our son knows few shapes at the moment and he loves puzzles. So this is absolutely great for him to learn. There are 10 shapes in this box in a 4pc puzzle form. You can play two types from it. First is to give 1 type of shape in a 4pc puzzle and let the child solve it. Second is a group game. It’s similar to a card game rule when you have to take turns until you have completed your puzzle. The first one to complete it is the winner.

8. Spelling Puzzles By Smart – and it’s the 3rd box I bought from Smart. Now it’s about spelling through puzzles. This way the child can learn to recognize and memorize letters and read too. There are 30 words in 3 or 4 puzzle form because it depends on how many letters each words have.

9. Snack box 3in1 by Rex London – I’ve chosen this for my son’s snack boxes because when I was surfing around he saw the panda who looks like the Baby Bus he’s watching on YT. So the design helped actually. I bought since it’s BPA free. The lids are bit flexible I may say like it’s a bit bendable. Easy for kids to open.

There are always different versions when we surf the net. Either on the desktop, mobile version or through an app. I have made a video if you an app user most of the time which you can watch below:

App is more like a summary from what you see on the desktop. Very direct! But if you want to access and see everything it is of course highly recommended to use a desktop. Mobile version is more close to desktop version.

Dear parents, just in case you would love or love purchasing on Mumzworld, use my code GreatThings10 so you get 10% off for your total bill.

By any chance you love to purchase the exact items that I shared, you can visit the link here and you can add it to your bag directly.

Have you read my previous haul? You can read it here.

Watch my video below for some more idea of these products.



  1. very lovely pics ….I do have two kid its a very nice informative post for me , i think one of that fish picking game like stuff we have at home… others stuff also looks good… i will happy to have few of them for my kids …


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