Have your dinner meals ready by KIBSONS

Are you a fan of quick meals? Are you one of the busiest adults in the country and can’t skip to have a healthy and delicious food? I want to talk about KIBSONS. One of the companies in the UAE that delivers fresh ingredients from the farm directly to your kitchen.

You may want to stalk their online store here and see what they got! As for me, I’ve seen on Instagram about their DIY box for dinner meals. There is also for detox smoothies aside from this. So for dinner box meals you got 7 options. You can check it out here and I chose Hearty Steak salad to try.

I got my order in the evening just right about before dinner time. I unboxed and prepared everything immediately. Inside the box, there were the baby potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, onion, green beans and 2pcs of rib-eye steak. The size of the box is close to the rubber shoes box of a kid. The recipe card is also included which I read first. It was a pretty easy instruction to follow.

I think it took me about 45mins to finish. Why? We want our steaks well done! Hahaha…. Well it’s worth the wait. It was a delicious and hearty meal. This is good for 4 servings by the way.



Do you know that you can either pay online or on the delivery itself? Like cash or card upon delivery. Also, with a minimum purchase of AED100 only it’s FREE delivery already and that’s anywhere in UAE.

Now if you do refer someone you get a reward! Every time you shop you get points and same goes with your referred friend. You get points every time they shop! Fantastic isn’t it?



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