Have you tried a home stay instead of a hotel stay in UAE?

We have reserved a private room in Lakeside Tower located in IMPZ for a 4-night stay. Our host was Mr. Kamal who’s staying in the same unit. He has a 1 bedroom flat which has a living room (where he stays) with open kitchen and washroom. The 1 bedroom with attached bathroom and balcony is the one he’s renting out to the guests.

So once I booked his unit through AIRBNB, he gave me all the information I needed i.e. location and unit #, his contact info, process of checking-in and wifi password. Checking-in was smooth and for booking experience you may want to read it here.


The place is clean, well-maintained and furnished! In our room, he placed a small table near the door where he kept some drinks, snacks and towels (free of charge) as part of welcoming his guests.

The cabinet there is for his storage so just in case you have something to hang you can just look for a space that you can use. The bathroom is also fully equipped. You may use the things there just in case you don’t have of your own.

Regarding the kitchen, you may use for light meals. Means like heating food and boiling water but no cooking. His fridge can be used also for some few of your stuffs and beside it is the washing machine. You may ask for his assistance/permission before using.

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The unit has centralised AC on which the controller is on the living room. If you need the water heater, you can find the switch right outside of your bedroom’s door on the kitchen’s direction.

The location is walking distance to City Centre Measeim and just down the building itself, there are supermarkets and restaurant that you can go to. For parking, it is free just in front of the building.

One thing to note, this place is like an open house just how my hubby called it. No keys! He’ll provide an access card for you for the building but the unit itself is just open. Nothing also for your own room.

But nothing to worry, you’ll be safe just like us and many other previous guests he had. He’s a very warm person and approachable. If anything you need that you don’t find in his house, just request it from him and he’ll try to arrange.

Photo credit to the owner himself Mr. Kamal (with his permission)


  1. Very nice. Good to know good options are available. AIRBNB has been good for these for long now. He is such a nice person also (Mr Kamal) from the look of things. Hope you had real good fun aswell.


  2. I haven’t stayed at an AirBNB yet but I know they are becoming super popular. My friend has started renting out her cabin in the mountains and it is becoming very profitable for her. Someday I’ll give it a shot.


  3. We have yet to try Airbnb, Posts and reviews like yours make them look appealing, especially for a few days at a time. I will continue to research this and maybe next travel, we will try it.


  4. Airbnb is really a great app. I have been using it 2 years ago with our travel and has been very useful. The concept of a homestay was really great.


  5. Looks really lovely and cozy. I’ve never tried AirBnb, but after seeing these photos I might actually do it next time I travel 🙂


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