Shipped by Al Burak Cargo to Lahore

Was there a time that even the best option to do with your belongings is to sell and just maybe buy a new one or something else but won’t be your top choice? I give a lot of sentimental value to all of my things and that gives me a hard time on decision-making.

So, due to some personal matters, we decided to send some of our stuffs back to Pakistan! Normally, people will just sell them online and get rid of it. My only worry was if they will reach their destination or not?

Hubby contacted one company named, Al Burak Cargo which is located in Rolla, Sharjah. I took some research online about this company for some reasons like if they’re fraud or not, people’s reviews, company infomation, etc. I saw their Facebook account which was created 2010 so that means this company has been existing long already but not that so active with their page. Also, I saw one FB post of one person saying he lost all his shipments wherein he provided a link redirecting to Dubizzle but expired already. The last thing that came up on my mind was to ask from some groups I’m into on Facebook. There was only one person who gave time to respond to my query but it was positive which lighten me up a bit.

We packed our things safely and properly aside from the packaging that the company will do. Because from their end they will cover it with polythene and put some ropes around it. For some really sensitive/fragile stuffs they will put it inside of a wooden box and some styrofoam too if necessary.


They came and picked up all the boxes. They sent us a picture via whatsapp after they have finished everything together on what’s written on each boxes. I was used to see a physical address when we send/receive items but they only used code. Which was so new to me.

We were told everything will reach Pakistan in 30 days via sea cargo. Few of the things also was sent 1 day later than the others. A lot of tension and worries after everything were shipped. All I can do was to pray and push some positive thoughts. Alhamdullillah! just in 27 days all our shipments arrived safe and sound!

Have you sent anything similar like this back to your home country? What was your experience?



  1. Good post , Alhamdulillah all the stuff reached safely. I know few friends of mine who are too worried to shift the things in Cargo…good service !!


  2. Ah man there’s always so much worries involved with stuff. When I moved to Australia I had some things cargoed over from Pakistan. The wait was so stressful. Not ever taking that stress again 😅 but Alhamdulillah your things reached safe


  3. Shipping is so stressful! However, I usually use moving as a lesson. Whenever I move. I always go through everything and give away clothes I don’t wear, books I’ve read and aren’t special to me, etc. Moving and packing illustrates how much stuff we buy that is useless and clutter and things that we keep that are actually meaningful. I do empathize though….packing is the worse! Our shipment from Saudi Arabia to China took 6 months!!!


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