We’ve tried Airbnb for the first time!

Have you heard of AIRBNB? Do you know what it is? Airbnb is a portal for individuals who have properties/rooms for rent for tourists. So yes this is worldwide!

The funny thing is, we have tried Airbnb for the first time here in UAE where we are not even tourists. For a personal reason we just needed to do it and did the booking.

You can access the site via desktop or the app. App will be highly recommended though because you’re getting the notifications straight. Anyway at the end of your booking it will lead you to downloading the app as well for the verification process.

Through Airbnb you can earn money by refering a host or inviting friends to use it

So we discovered this private room in IMPZ and we were looking into booking the room for 4 nights. Please take a big note of this, before booking and confirming the room it is highly recommended to message the host first! Just don’t go through the process without chatting with them. You won’t see any mobile number to talk to them straight it will be by only messaging them.

Since we are a family, there is a child of course. Sometimes on the guest option, it won’t let you add a child although it is there. I discovered also, sometimes the price visible on the site is totally different from the host’s perspective. Like there was one time she said the price was per person and extra guest will be 50% and 25% for child.

Inform the host accordingly and they can adjust the price and after that you can proceed on booking the room. The site is charging for a service fee. I’m not sure if it’s a standard one but it was AED68 for us plus the cost of our stay.

Upon payment, it was mentioned credit card. But we didn’t want to use this so we just tried to input our debit card details. I have some experiences that you know sometimes it will still go through. And it did! So problem solved.

The host will know immediately once his/her room is booked. Our host, Mr. Kamal, he messaged me right away the details of the unit and his contact information. A day before our check-in he informed us on how to proceed to our room.

Kindly note as well, this is a home stay which is totally different from a hotel. So it is a MUST to read every details such as time of check-in and out and house rules. You wouldn’t want to have and inconvenience during your stay. Sign up here!

This is recommended for budget travelers either for single or family. It’s the best way to beat that few other taxes and additional fee that you have to pay through the hotels.

You may read my review about our stay in Mr. Kamal residence here.

Photo credit from Pixabay.com


  1. I have never tried Airbnb in any of my trip and it sounds really cool. I will share this with my husband and we are going to try to book with Airbnb.


  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Airbnb and I am so glad that it works a lot for you. I will try to use this service on our next trip.


  3. I absolutely airbnb. I feel like it’s is way affordable and get more for the money. Like a 2 bedrooms airbnb is 2 times less than a hotel


  4. I love it more than Booking and Trip Advisor, but never really used it. I also wanted to try it for hosting in my empty house (great way to make some extra money)!


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