It’s now totally FREE SHIPPING in UAE! Let’s get it on…

GOOD NEWS! FREE SHIPPING in UAE without minimum purchase!!

What is that one product/kind of item that you always love to get it online? I love kids’ stuffs and I enjoy surfing the categories around. The best part is when you find the brand(s) that you like is available there!

I’ve done another haul with Mumzworld and I bought 5 items. My priority this time was the prayer box from Salaty. You’ll not find it under a proper category so just use that search box and type SALATY.

IMG_20181015_150407_238This prayer box is a fantastic idea for gifting either for your child or friends/relatives. It’s packaging is simple and neat. What’s inside the box is fabulous! You’ll get the Quran in mini size, wudu booklet, prayer chart with stickers, prayer booklet, prayer mat, quranic verse and tasbeeh ring.

Along with this, I chose a paperback book called Basic Duas which is written in English and Arabic. Each pages has a specific images related to the mentioned duas. He cannot read though but with the help of these images, it’s taking his attention and getting more familiarize and able to understand while I’m reading it for him.

During this time, our son was yearning for Lego City as well. I saw this Lego super hero box wherein he’s familiar with the characters. This is just really a small box with 2 packets inside and leaflets for instructions. Adult supervision is a must because it contains very small parts.


One more fascinating item that I just bumped into, was this Learn to Write (Write and Clean) board book by Scholastic. I said, this is amazing! I don’t have to waste paper printing out worksheets for practicing. The book that I bought was about alphabets. It’s a glossy board book with 28 pages and wipe and clean pen (whiteboard marker). Also, we use cloth for wiping and not tissue. We got also an eraser from the whiteboard that we have and we uses that too.

With this book, there are items below that gives example on which letter they starts with. Kids can learn reading, spelling and names of each images. It’s a very colorful book too. Each page has its own colors.

Lastly, I wanted to try the almond milk of Koita. It’s one of the recent added products. It’s sugar and gluten free. The expiration is longer which is one year however once opened, it’s a must to finish it in 4 days.


When shopping in Mumzworld always use my code to get 10% off your bill GreatThings10.

I have my video for unboxing I hope it will guide you more and provide insights in full details to you. An additional item was included on the video called Spelling Puzzles by Smart which I was not able to include from my last review. (will be uploaded soon just having problem with my app)

A complimentary voucher was used to shop on Mumzworld shopping site however I provided my own views and points about the products and doesn’t affect it.




  1. What I love in online shops are baby and kids stuff. There are so many choices and choices that are not available in the supermarket or malls.


  2. I love when you get free shipping when you order online. It’s been so long since I have actually paid for shipping, I always go for companies that offer it for free.


  3. Since I don’t have kids I can’t relate to the presents.. but the prayer box sounds so unique. And Dubai has been in my dreams and I hope to make it there soon!!!


  4. I have never heard of mumzworld. That was a great deal of giving a free shipping for their customers. I would definitely need to check this.


  5. You got me at ‘free shipping without minimum purchase’. Salaty sounds like a perfect gift for my nieces and nephews. They’re still learning the Quran and how to pray. Heck, maybe I should get one for myself too. The Koita Almond Milk is something I could get into. Anything dairy free and without added sugar is a winner for me.


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