About Noor

Life in the UAE as an expat is totally an adventure. Starting from coming here as a tourist, applying for a job or setting up your own business, settling down, etc. I’m talking here as a housewife at this moment. With the plan of going back to work or setting up my own business. Due to welcoming our little star in this world I have to stay at home and look after my family.

During this journey, I have encountered different interests that I wanted to do. Such as, I discovered that I can do handicrafts like knitting, I got engaged with mother and baby clubs online, I always wanted to attend exhibitions and seminars that involves parenthood and babies, and I even ended up getting free stuffs especially when it comes to babies and joining some competitions online which is so IN nowadays. Well anyway, I’ll be putting up separate articles on all of these to share further.

I have came up with this blog to share anything bad and good that I have experienced before and til date. Most especially is to share the GREAT THINGS IN UAE since I became so active in almost all social media platforms.

When I write I don’t use much of fancy words for description. To be straight forward, I don’t want to use words that I, myself, don’t even understand what it means. It may sound high quality reading but at the end of the day our purpose is to convey what we want to let people know. Not to say, “what she said? what does ….. means?”

Hope you’ll enjoy reading my feeds.


I’m back to work as a Property Consultant based in Business Bay. Do contact me for any related enquiries!



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