All of my posts are purely based on my experience with them. They are not sponsored for me to advertise. If ever I will happen to have, I will mention it on my post as Sponsored. Even for the images I’ve used on this blog, most of them are mine. Some of them are not and I’m giving a photo credit from where I’ve taken it. I’m happy with what I’m sharing to my readers and if you feel I’ve said anything wrong or mistakes on my posts as a fact, do contact me.

My opinions are for references only and I’m not liable for any difference that you may encounter on your experience. Property owners’/brands’ prices, rules and terms and conditions may change without prior notice anytime. Products reviewed may not be compatible or suitable to everyone so you are responsible to it whether you have to try it or not.


* Invited Review – either food or stay review wherein the company has sent out an invitation to do so however no separate compensation has been made other than the food/stay was given complimentary from their side.

*Free Evaluation – product(s) has been sent to make a review. It’s a free evaluation of the product and the sent item(s) is non-returnable and no separate compensation is made other than that.

*Sponsored Review – either me or the sponsor(s) made the blog post and payment has been done.

I have a Promotion/Offer tab on my website in exchange of complimentary products related to them but still not applicable to all.